Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Reply All,

also please don't judge us based on the gmail-generated ads on the side, which I actually think are pretty fucking funny
Dear Reply All,

In a lot of ways, you're like fire. Used appropriately, you can be useful.
fire : cooking :: reply-all : arranging transportation

Or amusing.
fire : fireworks :: reply-all : 70-email chain with your laydeez about your amazing lives

But used inappropriately, you are almost as dangerous as fire, Reply All.
fire : Peshtigo Fire* :: reply all : accidentally including everyone on an email with salacious information

But you have one thing fire does not, Reply All, and that is the ability to make me inappropriately angry when people do not know how to use you. That doesn't make sense, Reply All, because the result of someone using fire incorrectly? Could be fatal. The result of someone using Reply All incorrectly? Is just me fuming at my desk, reading emails that do not/never will pertain to me. Apparently wasting my time is worse than arson. Thanks for teaching me that, Reply All.

Please don't write back. Seriously, don't.

*more deaths than the Chicago fire, bitches. They were on the SAME DAY, and of COURSE Chicago gets remembered and poor Peshtigo is lost to the sands of time.


robokat said...

i like everything about this post.

steph said...

so i must say one time "reply all" made my day, someone in our company sent their time off schedule to all the managers, these managers continued for several hours to reply all with "why am i getting this", or "yeah, me too, why am i getting these", it took at least one hour for someone to mock those that didn't understand the function in a most hilarious way, my boss found it humorous to reply all with "why am i still getting this", this was several hours of good old fashioned laughter before someone ended it all...