Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Daffy's,

[photo via x-eyedblonde]

Dear Daffy's,

When I first saw you in Herald Square, I took your tagline - "Bargains for Millionaires" - to mean that you were a designer discount store, thus meaning that a "bargain" would be a $4000 dress marked down to $1000. So I didn't visit you for a long time. But then, one fateful rainy day, I stopped in to see if you had umbrellas. "Surely the umbrellas will be reasonably-priced," I thought, "even if nothing else is."

And a whole new world opened up to me.

Sure, some of the things you have are cheaply made and weird. Sure, a lot of them are from brands no one has ever heard of. But if one is very, very patient, and very, very lucky, sometimes a diamond will be nestled among the cubic zirconia of fashions. Among the scores I have made there are: a pair of over-the-knee burgundy striped socks; a pair of pseudo-ballet shoes in a sensible brown; and a delightful "I'm going to buy a cardigan because it's cold but OMG this cardigan is actually really cute and I wear it all the time now" cardigan.

But yesterday, Daffy's, you made my heart sing.

On the rack, the dress looked perfect. A color I adore, a length that's flattering, a silhouette that anyone can wear, a brand that people actually know. But it was marked as a size that I have not worn since before I developed a huge set of boobs (thanks, Grandma). Still, I had faith. I tried it on...and I died of happiness. And then was resurrected (also by the happiness). I dropped just $40 and now I'm ready for all the weddings I have to go to this summer. Your 18 locations in NY, NJ, and PA are a wonderland of bargains.

Bless you, Daffy's. Blaffy's.


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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I lol'ed at the last sentence.

Miss Allen said...

My best friend dragged me to Daffy's and it was an experience. You know it's a classy institution when they have to hang up a sign that says, "No sleeping in the bathrooms." I'm all for a good buy but seriously can't handle Daffy's.