Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear The Big Bang Theory,

[photo courtesy kayek25]

Dear The Big Bang Theory Mondays on CBS,

I like your TV-ready "nerdy" cast members. I like your savvy use of scientific jargon. I even like your extremely cliched/1980s-style sitcom plots, as they transport me back to the days when the TGIF lineup was the pinnacle of comedy for my unformed sense of humor.

But sometimes when we're together, I feel like I just made out with a polo shirt-wearing dude who uses the word "bro" in earnest and lists one of his interests as "hanging out lol". That is, it was fine while it was going on, but I wouldn't want to brag about it to my friends later.

I think it's the laugh track.

I still love you, though.


robokat said...

i haven't seen this but i love this.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

You need a support group. For laugh track addicts. Laugh traddicts.

Movie Maven said...

If you hate the thing you're addicted to, I think we need to find another word for it. Hateddiction isn't working.

Either way, this is my new band.