Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Brazilian Wax,

[photo by F8th]

Dear Brazilian Wax,

Why do I put up with you? You are painful to get, fucking expensive and completely unnecessary. And yet...I continue to come back for more.

You are like mediocre sex. During the thing, all I can think is 'ok this is not good- I am not doing this again.' and then the second it is over, I'm like 'yeah...I'll probably do that again.'

Your ambivalent acquaintance,


miss clover said...

dude. i could rewrite this letter with things like "i love you so much" "you give me my self-esteem" and "in the words of patsy and eddy from ab fab "no sweaty sideburns, darling!".

but i'm kind of a sad person.

robokat said...

i have complete respect for that letter.

also, i think we're both a little sad. but in a hot way.