Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Red Bull,

Dear Red Bull,

It'd been a while since we had a rendezvous.

Yesterday you made me feel like I could do anything. Including have my heart explode out of my chest.

Thanks for inspiring me to frantically ride my bike down the Venice boardwalk to the swings by the Santa Monica Pier, where I proceeded to swing so furiously I thought I would throw up on the small young white children and the cholo teenagers. It was awesome.

Let's not make it two years until we hang again. Or let's.

xoxo, Gina Clover


Movie Maven said...

The next time I tell this story, you will have thrown up on a small child or a cholo teen. Or both. "Dramatic license," y'all.

miss clover said...

please do. it was so real in my mind i felt like i did, too.

i am definitely going to start telling it this way, too.