Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Craigslist,

Dear Craigslist,

I feel like you get a bad rap sometimes, what with the whole "Craigslist killer" thing, and the many dirty, dirty people trolling about for anonymous sex, and the notoriousness of roommates found on Craigslist being sketchy people who steal your rent money and use it for meth and then, whilst high on the rent-meth, kick a hole in your wall and drop food down into it, causing an unidentifiable, untraceable smell for all the residents of the apartment.

But Craigslist, I need to give you props. Because through you, I found the best roommates ever. Basically, they embody everything good about the world. When I get sick, one roommate says, "You know what will cure you? WHISKEY. Here, I have brought you some." When I come home and am tired and have to do my laundry, the other roommate says, "Oh, by the by, I just made an incredible fucking meal and there is so much of it! Please eat some." Then we all sit on the couch and laugh and laugh.

Craigslist, I love you forever.


Steph said...

things i have gained from craigslist, directly or in-:

- two jobs
- two relationships
- 1000 free cupcakes
- 7/10 closest friends in new york
- one apartment
- one hookup
- perspective

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

It's unreal how much of my life I owe to craigslist. I mean, the blog material alone.

Movie Maven said...

Let us not forget the thousands of dollars' worth of products (both clean and dirty) that I have acquired from Craigslist blog review gigs.