Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Chris Pine,

[photo by the ether]

This post is part of People Who Should Date Us Mondays.

Dear Chris Pine,

There’s no other way to say it: you are dreamy. Is it your weirdly bright blue eyes? Or your half-cracked smile? At first, I found my attraction to you strange--I spent so many years thinking that no James Tiberius Kirk could ever be hot. Not that I have anything against William Shatner, I’m just saying I just don’t want to go to that particular place no man has gone before (to the best of my knowledge, anyway). I’m getting off topic.

You spend most of Star Trek getting the ever-living shit beat out of you, and though I’m not into BDSM or leather or anything (though not opposed to it, if that’s a thing for you), you do sport your black eyes with a sexy aplomb (yes, I went there) that I feel is unrivaled.

Last year, at San Diego Comic-Con, I was at a party where your co-stars Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg made an appearance, and I’m worried/terrified you were there too, and I missed our only opportunity to have a “moment”. On the other hand, I was so stupid drunk by the end of the night, that I was trying to convince TV’s “Chuck” to date my friend Sana (I don’t remember that, btw) so maybe not running into you was a good thing. If you’re there this year, I’ll try and stay respectfully tipsy. For you.

You can kiss this green alien anytime…



Movie Maven said...

I think my friend Jason put it best when he said "He has a black eye for most of the film...but it's a sexy black eye."

In other news, please give TV's "Chuck" my number next time you see him.