Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Rad New Grey Boots I Got From My Girl Lauren,

you know you're jealous
Dear Rad New Grey Boots I Got From My Girl Lauren,

You know I love you. I think that's fairly apparent, since I have worn you basically every day since Lauren granted me with your presence. But guys - we have to talk about your slippery soles. It's great that you're flat and all, since I walk a lot every day, but the benefits of the flatness are somewhat negated when your heels are so slippery that they cause me, for no reason, to slide around on a regular city sidewalk and end up ass over teakettle on 2nd Avenue, leaving me with a scrape on my knee that you might normally see on a tomboyish and/or clumsy eight-year-old.

So when I take sandpaper to your slippery soles, Rad Grey Boots, don't be offended. It will only bring us closer.

You have "suede" my heart,


robokat said...

i want those.

Laura said...

Does the sandpaper thing really work? I'm coming for you, Payless patent-leather pumps.

Eva Gallant said...

This blog has "suede" my heart. I may have to become a follower!

Kinslerbot said...

I'm just seeing this now! I had actually never even worn them so didn't know about the slipperyness. Maybe I sensed it and that's why they never graced my feet.

Anyways, sandpaper those biatches. stat.