Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Brie Cheese,

[photo courtesy wader]

Dear Brie Cheese,

You're sort of a mystery to me. You're not a typically "trendy" foodstuff, like bacon vodka or whoopie pies; in fact, you sort of make me think of the 80s. But at the same time, you carry this badge of - for lack of a better term - elitism, like you're somehow "fancy." I feel like if I proposed to my redneck relatives that we should have some Brie, they might slap me across the face and force Easy Cheese down my throat directly from the can. Then they would call me un-American and make me say the Pledge of Allegiance while listening to a Toby Keith song about kicking terrorists in the teeth. I think it's because you're French. And legally, we can't even get the real stuff in the U.S. because of, like, bacteria or something.

But Brie Cheese, you're so delicious. And your close cousin, Chaource? Shit. You guys. You're so creamy and good. I could eat you all day long. In England, you can go to Tesco or Sainsbury's and get brie and cranberry sandwiches. WHAT? Amazing. All I'm saying is that I want more of you in my life.

Je t'aime,


robokat said...

i love brie too! i don't know if it's classy trashy or trashy classy, but i will serve it at a party any day.

Kinslerbot said...

I don't care if it's just plain trash I'd eat it bc it's da bomb!

(don't say da bomb)

Bay in TN said...

Oh, my goodness -- baked brie with Fuji apple slivers and jalapeno jelly. Not making it up. I could build a religion around this stuff, but I actually *like* paying taxes.

Movie Maven said...

Bay, that sounds INSANE, and I will be making it immediately.