Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Crazy Dragon Lady Boss,

[photo by david.annel]

Dear Crazy Dragon Lady Boss,

What can we say really? You are the craziest of the crazies. And believe us, we've worked with many. We are not sure which is less productive: when you are not here, so we cannot meet to to discuss projects or when you are here to meet and discuss projects. We literally have no idea what you are talking about 95% of the time.

Also, your invasion of our personal space only adds to the creepy factor. If you are going to get that close, please tie your hair back....and trim those claws.

Lastly, please eat something. You need the brain fuel.

Many thanks,
Nat & Kat

ps- We're not your personal secretaries.

pps- Neither of us have seen you go into the bathroom the ENTIRE time you've worked here. Clearly, you are not human.


Kimberly said...

Personal space invaders - are the worst.