Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Sun,

[photo courtesy Kevin H.]

Dear Sun,

It's safe to say that I couldn't live without you. Thanks for making life possible, what with the warmth and the photosynthesis and all. That's pretty cool. You're like the king of planets.

But listen, Sun. Why you always gotta be shinin' all bright and shit when I gotta be inside workin' and shit? Shit. You should only shine when I am available to bask in the full glory of your 5,500 °C temperatures that take 8 minutes to get to Earth. Let's make a date for later today.

You're hot.


robokat said...

the sun and coffee are the only reasons i even get out of bed.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Agreed. Today was way too nice a day to spend in eight hours of employee orientation. Zzzzzzzzzzz.