Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Totino's Party Pizza,

[photo courtesy cafemama]

Dear Totino's Party Pizza,

We have a past, present, and, as far as i'm concerned, a future. When I was in college, without easy access to an oven, I had to forego baking you to a crispy golden crust and settled for nuking you in my roommate's microwave for three minutes. I grew to love you soft, against manufacturer's warning.

Then, in grad school, when I lived in an apartment with an oven, I renewed my love for you in your natural state: baked crispy. Back then I'd go get you and eat you the same night; but now that I live at home, I have access to not only a microwave and oven, but a deep freezer. I have recently learned that you are quite possibly the only frozen food on earth that can be caked unecognizable in freezerburn and consumed one year after purchase, and still taste as fresh as the day you were (orignally) made. Thank you is an understatement. Know that your trans fat has never bothered me; nobody's perfect.

I look forward to what lies ahead for us in our future; may it not include foodborne illness.



Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I have eaten a lot of these in my lifetime, I'm not gonna lie.