Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Capri Sun,

Dear Capri Sun,

Even now at twenty five years old, when I see you hiding in the back of the bodega fridge, I linger a moment too long.

I know you are full of sugar and chemicals and add nothing good to the human body but the taste of your strawberry-kiwi goodness will always and forever put a smile on my face.

Never Change,


Movie Maven said...

I didn't drink Capri Sun very much as a child, so when I did, it was always AN EVENT. And I was always scared I would poke the straw right through the bag.

Now I want one.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I have zero recollection of what Capri Sun actually tasted like, but I know that I longed for them like a summer breeze in the dead of winter. Oh, Capri Sun! With your funny little bag and your colorful beach scenes! So tempting!

Kinslerbot said...

you're right - it's all about the beach.

A- OMG, did you ever turn it upside down and poke through the bottom? That was my way of exerting rebellion

robokat said...

this is the greatest post of all time for me. although when reading the comments, i imagined your respective voices but like MAGNIFIED- and it hurt my ears. i might be a little drunk. also I want a capri sun now.