Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Danny McBride,

We met in The Foot Fist Way, but I had a boyfriend back then. I saw you again in Tropic Thunder, but I thought we'd just be friends, because back in Tropic Thunder I was still crushing on Steve Coogan.

But then you stole every scene in Pineapple Express, and singlehandedly kept me from being disappointed in a movie I was extremely excited to see, and now that you've just blown my mind with the best premium cable comedy to be ever be on premium cable, I really want to take things to end the heretofore platonic nature of our relationship.

I know, Danny. You are just going to say that Clover pretty much universally likes chubby comedy dudes. And yes, I've loved a fat funny dude before, almost sociopathically I love fat funny dudes, but you are special. You make humilition so hilarious and comedy so tragic. There have been similar dudes before you, but I have never felt so sad and pants-pissy all at once. It's next level type shit. You are a master of very essence comedy, and I am in awe of you.

If by any chance you walk around LA in hoodies and converse, I will probably just marry you or rape you on the spot. Or both. I feel like we possibly live near each other, so FYI, I drink a lot at the Griffin. And Sgt. Recruiter. And El Prado. And the El Torito in Santa Monica. Okay, I just drink a lot. Let's meet up.


[photo credit:Jeff Kravitz/]