Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,

[image courtesy think before you pink]

Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,

I want you to know that I am not a fan of breast cancer.

We've bought your $1 fake flowers at Walgreens. We've donated to friends who are Walking for the Cure™. We've sprung for your pink ribbons, your pink armbands, your pink mixers and blenders, even your pink cars-- and, well, I was just wondering...

How's that coming?

I couldn't help but notice that your CEO and COO make a combined total of $721,280 a year and, well... I was just wondering.

But maybe finding a cure isn't the point. Maybe it's not even possible. Maybe the purpose you serve is to draw people together, to give us an enemy we can fight, to get us up off our asses and walking.

And to give us stylish pink kitchen mixers.

And maybe that's OK.

But I was just wondering.

With reservation,


Movie Maven said...

In the SGK people's defense, if this Charity Navigator thing is right, they raised over $35M in 2007. Another $300,000 in research grants (because honestly, I think $200,000 is probably a fair salary for those positions) would be awesome, but it's not going to be the difference between "cured" and "not cured."

That said, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, COO? Really? I hope your fundraising efforts are SO GOOD that no one can resist them, because if not, you're not worth it.