Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear Jetblue,

(photo by jetblue)

Dear Jetblue,

I love your free wifi (that I am currently using), I love your fancy restaurants, and I LOVE that I can watch Little People, Big World while thousands of miles above ground.

But I just don't know if all of these wonderful amenities are worth being delayed 99% of my flights. Sure, I can blog about it while I wait patiently for your dapper employees to tell me why the hell I have to wait two hours for my flight to leave, but I just don't know how I feel anymore.

Dubiously Yours,


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...


I have to say that my last several flights have been EARLY to their destination, which... what? But I haven't flown Jet Blue in years-- it doesn't fly out of Madison, sadly.

Movie Maven said...

re: "thousands of miles above ground"

JetBlue: Now making nonstop flights to the moon four times daily.

re: constant delays

I agree - even RyanAir, the discount Irish airline, typically departed on time, even if they didn't clean the planes between flights. GET IT TOGETHER JB

robokat said...

yes they are delayed constantly but as long as your flying out of the new terminal 5 - who cares?

wine bar anyone???

also, there's a make your own omelet slash pasta bar, depending on the time of day. is this what heaven looks like?