Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Cute Dudes Who Are Shorter Than Me,

[photo courtesy tim eschaton]

Dear Cute Dudes Who Are Shorter Than Me,

Why are you always so cute? And why do you have to toy with my socially-reinforced notion that I am supposed to be attracted to some sort of lumberjack? I'm not a tall woman - slightly above average, I suppose - but I do often wear heels, which makes it difficult for me to look like a delicate flower next to you. And that's my goal, really: tricking everyone into seeing me as a delicate flower. Suckers.

Let's make out,


John A said...

While I may not be cute, I am certainly short, and will totally volunteer to help attempt to perpetuate your delicate flower facade. Or make out. Either's cool.

Kinslerbot said...

I unfortunately do not have this problem. But as a short person I always like to encourage positive short people interactions.

LiLu said...

Also, why do you have to be incredibly witty and funny, as you've had to develop your sense of humor your whole life to make up for your lack of height? DAMMIT!

Movie Maven said...

John: IT'S ON. I hope your wife doesn't mind.

Kinslerbot: I love short people. Maybe too much.

LiLu: EXACTLY. I know you feel me, girl.

John A said...

We're cool. You've already been placed on the short list of people with whom I can have consequence-free tawdry affairs. You displaced Michael Cera.